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2 Watt Mini Audio Amplifier Circuit LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit LM380N-8 Low Component Count Audio Amplifier Circuit 7 Watt Audio Amplifier Circuit 741 - LM386 Dual Light Wave Receiver Circuit LM386 Minimum Part Light Wave Receiver Circuit Microphone Preamplifier using a TL071 Chip Circuit Simple One Stage FM Voice Transmitter Circuit Easy Build FM Voice Transmitter Circuit VHF / FM Two Stage Voice Transmitter Circuit FM / VHF / UHF Field Strength Meter Circuit Adjustable 1 To 10 minute 555 timer Circuit VHF FM Adjustable Telephone Voice Transmitter Circuit Telephone FM “Button” Transmitter Circuit Workbench Multi Powered DC Supply Circuit 555 Chip Basement Water Flooding Alarm Circuit On - Off Electronic Touch Switch Circuit Video Transmitter, Sender  Circuit # 1 Simple Night Light Circuit VHF Radio Preamplifier / Booster Circuit Video Transmitter Sender Circuit # 2 – Channels 2, 3 and 4
Video Transmitter Sender Circuit # 3  VHF ½ Watt Op Amp - Dual Voltage Power Supply Circuit Infrared Voice Transmitter Circuit Telephone Activated Power Supply Circuit Infrared Receiver Circuit UHF Crystal Controlled Video Transmitter, Sender Circuit Using A Speaker As A Microphone Circuit 555 Timer Chip, Simple Buzzer Circuit Audio Amplifier With RC BandPass Circuit Passive Adjustable Notch Filter Circuit 38 to 86 Hz 741 Active 60 Hz Notch Filter Circuit PFB Noninverting Low Pass Audio Filter Circuit Active Band Pass Filter Circuit 1500 Hz Center Frequency 741 PFB Noninverting High Pass Filter Circuit Electronic Surveillance – “Enhanced”  Infrared “Voice” Receiver Circuit Electronic Surveillance and Spy Circuits - Link Simple FM Transmitter Circuits with All Layouts - Link Electronic Surveillance Related Books - Link

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