Video Transmitter, Sender Circuit # 1

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Video Transmitter, Sender Circuit
This is a simple video sender transmitter circuit, easy and simple to build, operates in the VHF TV channels and will accept baseband video signals. It can be driven by most CCD cameras and VCR video outputs. Its output power is around 80mW and when used with a 16 inch - straight wire antenna over 100 meters ( 300 Feet ) range is possible.
L1 is made using a 3/8 Inch drill Bit. For a frequency range of 60 to 80 MHz wind 6 turns of # 24 Magnet or coil wire around the drill bit. For 150 to 175 MHz air wind 4 turns.
This transmitter will function with a monochrome or color video signal. To pick up its video transmission, pick up one of the small, older tunable / portable - battery operated TV sets at a local flea market, thrift shop or on ebay.