LM380N-8 Low Component Count Audio Amplifier Circuit

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This audio amplifier circuit is a LM380N-8. The LM380N-8 comes in an 8 pin package. The primary advantages of the LM380 series IC's are higher output power, very low distortion and low external parts count.
The LM380N-8 audio amplifier circuit IC shown above is an 8 pin dip version of LM380N audio amplifier IC which is available in 14 pin dip package. The internal circuits of both ICs are almost same. Both the ICs are able to deliver output power around 2W to 2.5 watt. The audio circuit shown here is easy to build using only few external components, and it can be operated between 10 to 22 volt DC.  The circuit is ideal to use as an audio amplifier with other projects you build in your lab like AM or FM receiver circuit, alarm circuit, intercom circuit, buzzer circuit etc. The 8 Ohm speaker can be replaced with an 8 Ohm headset.
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LM380N-8 Low Component Count Audio Amplifier Circuit