741 - LM386 Dual Light Wave Receiver Circuit

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lm386, 741 Dual Light Wave Receiver
This light wave receiver consists of a 741 operated as a preamplifier and an LM386 operated as a power amplifier. Potentiometer 10K is the gain control. Various kinds of detectors can be used as the front end of the receiver.
Phototransistors are very sensitive, but they do not work well in the presence of too much ambient light.
A 100-kQ series resistor is required if you use a phototransistor. Solar cells, photodiodes, and LEDs of the same semiconductor as the transmitter all work well in this circuit. The unit can receive transmissions from any type of transmitter, including laser beams, light wave voice transmitters, I.E. and is very wide range. The 8 Ohm speaker can be replaced with a set of 8 Ohm earphones when used as some sort of Spy device.

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